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The Ideamen crowdfunding pre-order campaign is begun!

Ideamen is releasing our new album "Trained When We're Young" on August 25th 2017, and we are doing the usual pre-order thing to lock in the orders early and secure some funds for new merchandise. But we also are in dire need of a touring vehicle - so we're pairing the two together into a massive pre-order fundraiser! The great thing about this is that you don't have to give us money for nothing (though we ARE offering you the opportunity to throw money at us). We are basically just selling merchandise - new album, two new shirts, a couple new posters, all of the other stuff in the store, and (drum roll) the re-release of our first EP "Progress".

So all you have to do is buy some merch, and you get to help us buy a touring vehicle. And tell your friends. No seriously, please tell your friends. The more people that participate in this the easier it is on everyone, and the more likely it is that we will meet or exceed our goal.

Please read this page for more details about the crowdfunding campaign.

After that, visit THE IDEASTORE to make your purchases/contributions. Thank you!

Olimometer 2.52

I got a new toy!

First off – Hi, I’m Dave!  I’m posting as myself today so I don’t have to feel weird about switching between first and third person every now and again.  I do most of the posting on the site, sometimes I’m talking for the band, sometimes about myself.  This one’s just about me.

I do woodworking in my free time, but the scale and quality of the things I can make are severely limited due to my lack of the two primary milling tools – a jointer and a planer.  The jointer is the first tool used to mill wood, it flattens one surface and ‘joints’ the adjacent surface square.  You then run the surface opposite the first through the planer, making the faces parallel.  With three sides done, you can cut the last edge on a tablesaw.

I just picked up a jointer!  It’s a vintage piece, a smallish Craftsman of a simple design with a 6 inch capacity, but the motor runs and the rest is serviceable.  I won’t complain about the lack of features, it only cost me $50.  Since I got it and posted a video of it in its raw state, I’ve taken it completely apart, brushed out all the cobwebs and musty sawdust, and sanded the rust off the top.  I’ve managed to get it all back together with some shiny new bolts and got it reasonably leveled out.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress as I go along.

How to keep your band on the road

Hey folks!  We finally got around to removing the rest of the hitch from the IdeaVan.  It took some doing, but it finally came off.  We had the van looked at by Shawn Klus, he’s the guy we go to when I don’t trust my automotive know-how.   He says it’s worth keeping around for another year or so, in fact he tried to convince me that we could push it to 300,000 miles.  Next step will be to take it to Phil Millers dad and have him patch up the van frame and the hitch, then put them back together again.  All told it doesn’t look as bad as it…  looked.  I was concerned about the rear leaf springs, Shawn says they are in good shape.  There’s a handful of bushings and joints in the front end that will need replacing, but that’s kid stuff and they’re all cheap parts.

What we learned from all of this, if we had something to share that might be useful – a van and trailer is an essential element of an efficient band.  I didn’t say successful, that is a different battle.  But efficiency is really, really important to a band, on every level.  If your simple conversations are inefficient, you waste time talking.  If your rehearsals are inefficient, you waste time playing.  If your travel is inefficient, you waste money and time driving.  The last show we played was in Chicago, our hometown.  With the trailer unusable we had to take 3 vehicles in order to get all of us and our gear down the street, which really isn’t a big deal – you might think.  We lost money playing that show just paying for gas.  Granted it wasn’t a huge show, it was a comfortable place that we’re familiar with.  We made a reasonable amount in show pay and a decent chunk in merchandise (more than we’d anticipated) – but it still didn’t offset the total cost of gas for the night.  Wow…  We used to do that all the time.  Now I remember why we got a trailer in the first place.

Band + Road = Be Efficient

What a wonderful gift!

Let me start off by saying that Ideamen as a whole is a little…  stressed right now.  The IdeaVan lost it’s hitch, and there’s a lot of other little things piling up on our to-do list.  Our trip to the Quenchers show was our first trailer-less show in a long long time, and we forgot how to drive 3 vehicles to a show in Chicago.  Sigh…  But when we got there – Kelly had a gift for us.  It’s a beautiful music box doll called The IdeaLady.  Thanks Kelly!  You brightened our days!

New stuff in the store

So we’ve got these CD’s of our old bands, and the IdeaVan just broke.  We put 2 and 2 together and arrived at something like 4.1592.  So, for sale while we still have some – Mise En Scéne from Tim’s old band Duct Tape Mustache, and Esque from Mark’s old band Gwen Mitchell Experiment!  Cheep like only $5!  Plus the shipping…  still waiting on the plugin update.

Duct Tape Mustache - Mise En SceneGwen Mitchell - Esque

We’ll be adding downloadable stuff like Progress and some stuff from soulvasq (Mark, Dave and Phil G’s old band) – it’s waiting on us to figure out how to sell it in the store.  Dave was all “That’s easy” and then found out that the stores limit for downloads is 7MB, and Progress is 210MB.  Oops.  We really don’t want to reduce an album to poopy mp3’s, so we’re going to find a workaround.  To the workarounding…  board!

The IdeaHorse broke a leg

We may have to put her down.  The IdeaVan lost the trailer the other day.  The hitch assembly tore away from van frame, taking a bit of the frame with it.  Not sure how we’re going to handle this development…  but look for some new store items soon.  We might need to sell some digital downloads and and other stuff so we can fix it, or buy a new vehicle.  Man I thought we’d break 200,000 miles on that thing.

Back of the broken IdeaVan

Broken IdeaVan Left

Broken IdeaVan Right

All of the lyrics are up

So I opened this can of worms, ya know?  I turned on The Dinosaur today.  The Dinosaur is my first PC, it served soulvasq and The Fake Thing and Ideamen in it’s infancy.  It has soooo many goodies on it, much of which has yet to be transferred to another drive.  So every now and again, I need to dig into it to find some obscure old thing that we need, and I tend to stumble upon many distractions while I’m in there.  Today was no exception.  Only this time, because I can, I decided to share some of it with you.

The goal was of course to scrape the lyrics out of it.  That didn’t take very long.  All of the lyrics are up now, and here they are!

The rest of the process took a lot longer.  Whoa!  Look in there!  Dood, it’s the source and translation to the Latin bit in Quares!  No way!  I’ve been meaning to post that for years but never knew where it was…  What is that?  Whoa!  We were intelligent and eloquent back then, what happened to us?  We’re so stupid now!  Is that seriously the letter we wrote to Rotten Ron before we signed on to Rotten?  Keep looking, this is interesting.  We lost a whole chunk of history when myspace basically shut down, we had ALL of our shows posted there.  No waaaaay!  I made a copy!  Of all of our shows from 2007 to 2010!  Nice!  I might have to share that with Mark.  Reviews?  There’s a folder called ‘reviews’.  Heh, one file in there.  Neet, it’s reviews of Progress.

Oh god no…  not the flyers.  See, back in the day when we had apparently a lot of time on our hands, we used to make a unique flyer for EVERY show.  There are a LOT of flyers.  And failed working files.  And things that I still want to reignite and make stuff with.  Like POV-Ray.  POV-Ray is a 3D rendering program (note I didn’t say ‘modelling’) that is just fantastically awesome and powerful.  But old.  Really old.  But it was so robust that people just kept developing it, and it is still used to this day to render (not model) high end productions.  I used it to model.  And render.  It has a purely code-based interface (no fancy GUI for actually seeing what you’re building, all you see is code), and that made it…  erm…  fun.  For me.  I like a challenge.  So I coded for hours and then clicked “Run” only to encounter syntax errors and placement issues and…  Oh it was fun.  Here’s a couple flyers we made when I was cutting my teeth:


Character Animation

Fun.  All of the Interesting Times art was created in POV-Ray.  I developed it intentionally to animate it and use it later to…  umm…  use.  We got this far.

I’m happy with how that came out.  I’m also going a wee long on this post.  Just to keep babbling, an interesting factoid…  the frame at roughly 1:31 in that video took 6 days to render.  One frame.  6 Days.  Hope you dig this little stroll down memory lane with us.  We’ll probably do this again.

Schemata Lyrics are up

You asked for it, you got it.  The Schemata lyrics are up!  It’s part of a larger project involving putting up our discography, some art, the lyrics for all the albums – and annotations.  But why wait until we do all that complicated nonsense?  It is in fact somewhat complicated…  the lyrics for all the albums were actually finalized and polished on the art itself, meaning all the text files we have named ‘lyrics’ are actually full of errors and typos.  Meaning we’d have to drag the lyrics line by line out of the art files which…  sucks.  Now you know why we never posted our lyrics.  But we’re doing it.  Now.  For you.  Did we mention that we like you?

Schemata Lyrics Page

Some shows a’brewing

Hello all and first off – thank you for the successful release.  We did really well so far, and it hasn’t slowed down a lot – you’ve been spreading the word and your friends are buying CD’s now.  We’ve had a glut of international orders recently, we dig it when that happens.  It’s cool sending stuff to Italy and Spain and England and Ireland and Australia.  Thanks!

The weeks surrounding our CD release were crazy, busy, strained, delayed, sold out, ordered, printed, shipped and whew!  After the bulk of the orders went out we took a little breather, but now we’re back at the wheel and making cool things happen in IdeaLand.  We booked a few shows recently, and from what I hear, there’s some cool shows brewing.  You can keep tabs on shows at the Shows Page.

We’ve got some projects in the works, one of them is working on the NEXT album – we’ll be quicker this time, we promise.  The rest…  well, we don’t want to spoil anything (read: we don’t want to say we’re going to do something that we totally bail on).  We’ll keep you posted.

An Ideamen Group Picture