Gear Head Kid Shirt

Ideamen Gear Head Shirt

Hey, this is new!  Our very own Gear Head Kids’ head was carefully surgically removed from the Trained When We’re Young art and grafted onto our logo.  Science FTW!

*Note*  These are printed with white ink on a red shirt.  Appropriate image coming soon!

Ideamen Full Color Factory Shirt

Ideamen Factory Art

This was designed by Ed Wisinski, the guy that did the original art for the Three Floyd’s Dark Lord beer!  We didn’t make these ourselves, we done paid out the nose for an awesome full color print on a high quality shirt.  These are NICE.  Like Nordstrom nice.

*NOTE*  We finally got the art!  Sooo, this image is pretty much what it will look like.

BrainTank Shirt

The first shirt design we printed ourselves, and still the best seller.  If you’re not sure what shirt to get, this one’s cool.

Tesla Shirt

A fan-inspired design of the Wardenclyffe Tower.  It was supposed to provide wireless electricity and communications.  It got blowed up, but not by awesome steampunk zeppelins.