About the Campaign

The Ideamen crowdfunding pre-order campaign is begun! Ideamen is releasing our new album “Trained When We’re Young” on August 25th 2017, and we are doing the usual pre-order thing to lock in the orders early and secure some funds for new merchandise. But we also are in dire need of a touring vehicle – so we’re pairing the two together into a massive pre-order fundraiser! The great thing about this is that you don’t have to give us money for nothing (though we ARE offering you the opportunity to throw money at us). We are basically just selling merchandise – new album, two new shirts, a couple new posters, all of the other stuff in the store, and (drum roll) the re-release of our first EP “Progress”. So all you have to do is buy some merch, and you get to help us buy a touring vehicle. And tell your friends. No seriously, please tell your friends. The more people that participate in this the easier it is on everyone, and the more likely it is that we will meet or exceed our goal.

We are also offering some high-ticket items for the folks out there that really want to support us. These things were really difficult for us to agree on, as they are intrinsically complicated and require a lot of planning, hard work and disclaimers, but we locked in a few and are offering them as incentives in the campaign. Private concerts, invites to hang at the IdeaHouse for rehearsal and dinner, Dave will come to your house and cook you dinner. Nuts! But if you want to support us, you can, and get something memorable in return.

Things you should know:

-This is a pre order campaign, so your order will NOT ship immediately. Once we acquire all of the merchandise including the new CD’s, we will ship. It should be on or around the release date, August 25th 2017.

-The special items all come with a slew of disclaimers. Some of them involve travel, and distance is an issue. The private concerts and “Dave Cooks You Dinner” are limited to mileage, and the invite to the IdeaHouse will involve you traveling to us. Please be aware of these things before you place an order.

-We are aware that the high ticket items are out of the price range of your average Joe, so we will find ways to accommodate groups who want to pitch in towards them. Please contact us ahead of time at ideamen@gmail.com and we will set up methods to allow for group purchases.

To contribute – visit the IdeaStore!  Thank You!