About The Schemata Campaign

What is this?
Ideamen is getting ready for the release of their new album “Schemata”.  As part of the process of releasing a new album, other merchandise is needed to provide a greater variety of options for the promotion of the album.  All this merchandise adds up to a lot more than we had available to us, so we decided to use our pre-order campaign to pre-fund the purchase of the new merchandise.

What new merchandise?
All the new stuff is:  Schemata Album Cover Shirt, Socrates Hoodie, Tesla Shirt, Bulb Logo Shirt, Die-cast Pin, Flight Patch, Ideamen Zippo, Hat with Flight Patch, and the Bottle Opener Button.

What are the goals about?
We used a sort of kickstarter/crowdfunding model to form the campaign.  As it’s no fun to just watch a goal meter slowly tick up to the top, we split it up into 10 goals at $250 each.  At each goal we assigned a perk for the fans who order during the campaign.  The goal is to offer a lot of extra value to each order, and to generate some follow up interest because the wait between the campaign and the release is quite long and boring.

Wait, what? When do I get my stuff?
If all went smoothly and everything were to arrive on time, our goal was that every order received before December 8 would be shipped by December 15th, in time for Christmas.  Merry Christmas!  But everything didn’t go smoothly and the album release date got delayed.  We’re currently in discussion about how we’re going to handle the shipping date(s).  Watch this post.

Yes, it’s a long time to wait for something, but that’s why we’re offering all the extra goodies.  After that we’ll do the best we can, we usually ship within a few days of getting an order in.

How long is the campaign?  What’s with the first 3 weeks?
The campaign began on Oct 31 2013 and will end on Feb 4 2014, the official release date of Schemata.  All orders received during the campaign will get all of the goal perks along with their order.  It’s our ‘thank you’ for ordering early.

The first three weeks of the campaign is very important to us, as we need to reach our $2500 goal by Nov 21 2013.  All orders received before Nov 21 2013 will get something special.  We’re not telling you what it will be yet, but they will be something new, handmade by Dave.  We’ll be announcing them when they’re ready.  Get to work Dave.

What are the goal perks?

  • Goal 1 – $250 – Free sticker
  • Goal 2 – $500 – Schemata Promotional Poster signed by Ideamen
  • Goal 3 – $750 – Access to download a remix of “No Thought”
  • Goal 4 – $1000 – All CD’s ordered will be signed by Ideamen
  • Goal 5 – $1250 – Access to download a remix of “Collectibles”
  • Goal 6 – $1500 – Access to download scanned images of the Schemata lyrics notebooks
  • Goal 7 – $1750 – Access to download a remix of “The Rest”
  • Goal 8 – $2000 – Signed Ideamen promotional picture
  • Goal 9 – $2250 – Access to download a remix of “Incident”
  • Goal 10 – $2500 – Free Button Bottle Opener for every order