Crunching the numbers of the first three weeks

Hey folks!  Thought you might like to know how we did in those stressful first three weeks of the campaign.  We did better than we thought!  Here’s the rundown:

Qty – Item
04 – ALL of the New Stuff Pack
02 – Old School Pack
05 – Schemata and a Hat Pack
18 – Schemata and a Shirt Pack
01 – Schemata, a Shirt and a Zippo Pack
13 – Some of the New Stuff Pack

Individual Item Breakdown
Qty – Item
59 – Schemata CD
03 – Interesting Times CD
07 – Schemata Cover Shirt
10 – Socrates Hoodie
22 – Tesla Shirt
17 – Light Bulb Logo Shirt
01 – Brain Drone Shirt
05 – Pin
05 – Patch
06 – Ideamen Zippo
09 – Hat With Flight Patch
04 – Bottle Opener Button
05 – Brain Tank Shirt
07 – Masquerade Shirt
02 – Alien Head

The total dollars counted towards the campaign in those first three weeks added up to a grand total of $2973.09!  But wait, doesn’t that mean we reached another goal?  Yes!  But no.  We decided to change the format of the stretch goals to $500 increments, partly because the $250 increments were going by so quickly – but mostly because our stretch goals are broader and somewhat more difficult than just giving away free stuff.

The first stretch goal at $3000 is really an extension of the initial campaign – we couldn’t afford to buy women’s style shirts in our initial estimate, but we really wanted them.  They cost us over twice as much as the regular tees (can you say gouge?), and lucky for us we decided to set the stretch goals in $500 increments.

The $3000 goal will allow us to get them, and if you want one, you’ll be able to buy one.  If you already bought a shirt or shirts (excluding the Color Schemata Album Cover Shirt) and would prefer them in the womens style, you can contact us and we’ll switch it for you at no additional cost.

There are more stretch goals, but this time around we’ll be keeping them to ourselves.  We’ll tell you the next one, just ‘cos that’s how it’s done.  Reaching $3500 will set Dave to work on an annotated lyrics page.  No, it’s not going to cost $500, but it will take some work and Dave hopes to make it a little fancy.  We might have to spend some money on plugins for the site.

Thanks again everyone for making this a successful campaign, hope to see you soon on the road!

Ideamen 2014 Promo Picture