Ideamen has a chronic case of the hiccups

So it’s the Tuesday before our CD release show and we’re still sort of…  not ready to mail stuff today.  It was my personal goal to have everything packed up and ready to mail today so some of the local folks could get their stuff before the show.  Hiccup.  Excuse me.

A couple days before Christmas we ordered Zippos and a branding iron.  We were pretty sure they’d show up before we left for the tour.  Neither did.  We got back and still no Zippos or branding iron.  We called BlankDogTags dot com to ask why the Zippos hadn’t arrived and we got a song and dance about how they didn’t place their Zippo order yet and it might be a couple weeks yet and…  um…  no.  We got our money back after a few days of arm wrestling.  Ordered from a different company, they darn well better arrive this afternoon.  The branding iron on the other hand was ordered from Custom Branding Irons, a tiny business in Michigan that sort of dropped us through the cracks.  They were quite apologetic and rushed the order through in time.  Trust me, we need that branding iron.

To keep the sob story going, we were down to our last 2 print runs on the shirts when we discovered the screen for the backside image hadn’t been blown out properly and had to be redone.  Boooooo.  We’re done printing the shirts as of late Monday night.  Yay.  The stickers arrived as well, which is good because you all need to have them in your packages.  The promo pics will get picked up this afternoon.

The final thing you’re all waiting on now is the gift that goes out with the first 70 or so orders, the thank you for ordering so darn early in this whole mess and have been waiting the longest.  I hope it’s worth it, they’re nearly finished.  They may get branded tomorrow.

Ideamen Branding Iron

We ought to be able to mail out a good chunk of your stuff on Thursday – later than we wanted but there was a lot more preparation involved than we had accounted for.  We’ll be signing lots and lots of stuff on Wednesday.  We love last minute.  Thank you all for waiting, and keep an eye out for a big ol’ package in the mail.