New stuff in the store

So we’ve got these CD’s of our old bands, and the IdeaVan just broke.  We put 2 and 2 together and arrived at something like 4.1592.  So, for sale while we still have some – Mise En Scéne from Tim’s old band Duct Tape Mustache, and Esque from Mark’s old band Gwen Mitchell Experiment!  Cheep like only $5!  Plus the shipping…  still waiting on the plugin update.

Duct Tape Mustache - Mise En SceneGwen Mitchell - Esque

We’ll be adding downloadable stuff like Progress and some stuff from soulvasq (Mark, Dave and Phil G’s old band) – it’s waiting on us to figure out how to sell it in the store.  Dave was all “That’s easy” and then found out that the stores limit for downloads is 7MB, and Progress is 210MB.  Oops.  We really don’t want to reduce an album to poopy mp3’s, so we’re going to find a workaround.  To the workarounding…  board!