Off to Ohio we go

Indy was a blast.  We played at The Rock House.  We got off to a rough start, Phil M had car trouble on his way to Marks house, delaying us about 1 1/2 hours from our intended leave time.  The trip was quite slow, icy, slushy, rainy and foggy – not to mention the fresh multitudes of potholes from the dramatic temperature change.  When we arrived in Indy at the wrong address, we nearly cried.  20 minutes later we arrived at a venue loaded with farm animals.  There was a monkey, a rabbit, a chicken and a horse.  The horse came up on stage and danced with us during Horses Head.

The show was a success, Bizarre Noir was awesome.  The sound at The Rock House is exceptional.  Despite the rough beginnings we’re all happy again and enjoying ourselves.  We stayed the night at Daves sisters house, had a delicious breakfeast and hung out with Daves nieces and nephews.  Thanks Beth!

Beth And Lane

Now we’re off to Cleveland (Lakewood).  Can’t wait to play!