The Campaign Is Concluded!

Hello from Ideamen!  Thanks to everyone who participated in our Pre-Order / Tour Vehicle Crowdfunding Campaign!  You all rock and we love you all for supporting us no matter how stupid we are!  The campaign raised a gross total of $8205!  Of course there were expenses and we’ll do a more detailed post about that later, but on the whole it was a success.  We had a successful CD release tour and are back home figuring out how to ship out your orders.  What’s to figure out you ask?  Waaaal we were in a bit of a time/cash crunch before the tour and ordered a few things a little too late.  Fortunately the Progress CD’s are arriving today so the only things missing are the Full Color Factory Shirts and the Factory Posters.  We will be shipping out all orders in the coming days, and will ship the missing items separately when they arrive.  Thanks again to everyone and we’ll see you again soon on the road!