We reached the fourth goal!

I’m gonna cry.  In the good way – you folks are coming through for us much faster and in greater numbers than we expected.  The response has been nothing short of exceptional.  We just crossed the $1000 mark – 20 hours into the campaign.  We actually expected to reach this milestone after about a week or so.  There’s some time sensitive merch that will take a month to get to us.  We can buy it now, and replace those fake and photoshopped images sooner.  Thank you.

We will be ordering the Pins, Patches, Hats and Buttons.  We’re currently making arrangements for the Hoodies and Schemata Cover Shirts.  We’ve got some time before we have to order everything else, but at the rate your support is coming in, we may be able to get it sooner than we thought.  You rock.

Soooo – at the $1000 goal – we’re gonna sign all the CD’s ordered during the campaign, then sign up for insurance to handle the carpal tunnel syndrome.  I’m glad our new website is working slightly better than theirs.

Speaking of the website, it has been brought to our attention that if you order multiple items, say a CD and a Pin, The shipping calculator will double the shipping.  That sucks, and all the research I’ve done on it so far says that’s how the software works and there’s nothing you can do about it.  We’re going to do something about it.  Order what you want, we will be watching the orders closely and will refund any overcharges through PayPal.  Thanks to Heath for the valuable information about this problem in thee wee hours last night.  Your electro-check is in the inter-mail.

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