Full Color Apparel No Longer Available

We wouldn’t be Ideamen if we didn’t take risks and screw up once and a while.  What a heroic way to put it, but the fact of the matter is we screwed up.  Acquiring the full color merchandise turned out to be a much more complex process than we assumed, and you know what assuming does for you and me.  We are not able to make the proper arrangements in time, and as a result, we can’t sell something we won’t be delivering.  The 2 items that will not be available are the “Schemata Album Cover Shirt” and the “Socrates Hoodie”.

tee-schemata cover colorhoodie-socrates back colorFortunately for us (and you) there weren’t a whole lot of them sold, and most of them were bought by people we know personally.  Hopefully you can forgive us.  I wanted a hoodie, and I know you did too.  We’ll contact you all and do our best to make up for it.  We’ll be offering solutions like refunds for the missing items and/or exchange options for other merch.

Our apologies for the mishap.  In other news of awful mistakes…  We’re about to go on tour in the middle of one of the worst snowstorms in recent history.  Dig your way out and come see us!

Deep Snow
That’s Marks front yard