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Welcome to The IdeaStore!

Please read this stuff, it’s actually important!

Hooray the pre-order campaign is over and that means that orders generally will ship within a few days from you ordering them.  We’re all back to normal now.

Please read and understand all notes and disclaimers in the special non-material items offered.

The final store checkout will take you to PayPal.  YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT.  They take credit cards.

Regarding shipping – Holy cow the cost of shipping has gone up quite a bit since our last campaign, especially international rates. We will actually lose money on most small orders, especially international orders, but we’re OK with that. We did our best to set up the shipping rates to be fair, however we are aware that large orders will add up to higher shipping costs. Please do not be afraid – complete your order – we will be following every order carefully and when we encounter excessive shipping costs we will contact you and offer refunds through Paypal based on accurate shipping rates.

Totally make sure your address information is correct (duh), and especially make sure your email address is correct. If we can’t get a message to you, we can’t get a message to you. We really want to get a message to you.

If you have any concerns or problems with the store, contact us at

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