Schemata is officially released!

Finally!  Schemata is released for reals.  It’s been a long time coming and boy does it feel good.  Our CD release show was a fantastic success – thanks to all of ya’s that came out on a snowy night to support us. 

 So…  Here it is! (the art, that is)

We’re mailing out your orders – finally!  We got the second round of mailings packed up tonight, they’ll be going out first thing Wednesday.  I suppose it’s about time to tell you what the gift is for all of you whom ordered in the first 3 crazy weeks of our campaign.  It’s a…  thing.  That does…  erm…  nothing.  Or stuff.  It’s a Trammel Of Archimedes, otherwise known as a Do Nothing Machine…  or a BS Grinder.  It’s a simple but clever mechanical marvel with a little crank on it.  You turn it, and it makes you feel good.  I swear it does.  And they have an Ideamen logo burned into them, which is pretty cool all on it’s own.  Here’s a shot of the second batch:

25 Trammels