Your orders have shipped! (*)

* Most of your orders have shipped, see below for details

Finally, we mailed out all of the orders!  All that we could – we sold out of some stuff, which is a good problem, sort of.  Not for you.  Some of you have to wait a little while longer.  We sold out of Large Tesla Shirts, Medium Hats, and ran out of Trammels for the early birds.  All of the these are ordered and/or in the works and we expect to be getting/printing/stitching/assembling and mailing out the last of what’s waiting in a week or so.  Thank you all for giving us these kinds of problems.

Speaking of Trammels…  Some 70 or so of you have received/will receive a big chunk of oak with your order.  You had no idea – and neither did we.  When I made the decision to send these out as a gift, I had estimated around 40 might be reasonable.  Y’all did way better than that.  There were officially 58 orders that came in before the deadline, and a handful of slightly late-comers had requested or were chosen to get one.  What is that thing?

Archimedes Trammel

It is a thing.  A thingy.  A thing-a-ma-bob.  Doohickey.  Whatchamacallit.  And a whole lot of you got one.  So what do you do with it?  You just make circles.  Well…  ellipses.  It traces an oval, not a circle.  A couple times around and you’ll get the hang of it.  If it locks up on you in a couple years – just rub a bit of candle wax in the dovetail groove, it’ll slick right up.  Don’t use anything else, trust me.  A friend of mine put Vaseline in his, baaaaad.  Petroleum and wood don’t play nice.

A few folks posted pics of their IdeaMerch, we thought it would be nice to share:

Archimedes Trammel - Fan ImageIdeamen Merchandise Fan Image 1Ideamen Merchandise fan image 2You folks are awesome, we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor and the results of your investment in Ideamen.  We hope we can multiply for you!