Some shows a’brewing

Hello all and first off – thank you for the successful release.  We did really well so far, and it hasn’t slowed down a lot – you’ve been spreading the word and your friends are buying CD’s now.  We’ve had a glut of international orders recently, we dig it when that happens.  It’s cool sending stuff to Italy and Spain and England and Ireland and Australia.  Thanks!

The weeks surrounding our CD release were crazy, busy, strained, delayed, sold out, ordered, printed, shipped and whew!  After the bulk of the orders went out we took a little breather, but now we’re back at the wheel and making cool things happen in IdeaLand.  We booked a few shows recently, and from what I hear, there’s some cool shows brewing.  You can keep tabs on shows at the Shows Page.

We’ve got some projects in the works, one of them is working on the NEXT album – we’ll be quicker this time, we promise.  The rest…  well, we don’t want to spoil anything (read: we don’t want to say we’re going to do something that we totally bail on).  We’ll keep you posted.

An Ideamen Group Picture