We bought the first round of merchandise!

We got to order the first bunch of things!  That you bought!  That we don’t have yet!  We’re excited!

Yep, we finally spent some of that money you sent to us.  We bought the Pins, Patches, Buttons and Hats.  They should be arriving in a couple weeks.  We can’t wait to get them and hold them in our hands.  And mail them to you.

UPDATE:  The proof for the patch was…  well we’re going to have them give it another go.  It isn’t bad, in fact you probably wouldn’t notice the difference, but there were some liberties taken in converting our image into the final product.  The company has been great, they’re going to take another whack at it now that they know we’re picky.  Hah!

Ideamen Patch Proof ImageUPDATE:  The Buttons have arrived!  And they’re cooler than our placeholder images.  We had an opportunity to make them cooler (on a shiny backing and with a background image instead of white).  Awesome.  Thanks Daisy!

Ideamen Bottle Opener Button