We reached the Campaign Goal!

We dit it!  You did it!  We reached the campaign goal just shy of three weeks in – the three weeks that made us really really nervous when we started this thing.  What if we didn’t make it?  Now we don’t have to think about that because you pulled us through it, right on time!

The campaign is not over, noooo – it goes on and on until February 4th 2014, the official release date of Schemata.  Everyone who orders until then will get all the goodies that have piled up until now.  Hey…  this goal gets everyone buttons that are also bottle openers!  Yeah, we know, kind of an anti-climax, but you know you want one.

You still have one more day to order anything and get your special early bird gifts!  You have till midnight on November 21st.

What’s next?  We have a long time to go before this is over, and we’ve given some thought as to where we should go from here.   We’ll be updating you shortly.  Let there be stretch goals!