We reached the ninth goal!

Ni!  I mean Nine!  So I just got back from a local production of Spamalot with my sis and pops, still whistling “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life” as I got back to my computer, and lo and behold, a whole slew of new orders had piled up during the course of the day.  We’re at $2250, a mere $250 away from our campaign goal!  I’ll bite your legs off!  Um…  sorry about that.

What this means for you, is a download of a haunting minimalist remix of “Incident”.  I just gave it a listen to make sure the links work and I gots’ me a lump in my throat.  Well done Chris.  It’s loaded up in the Downloads page.  What this means to us is we’re gonna have to slap a new video together to celebrate reaching the goal!  And…  what comes after that?

Our hearts go out to the folks who lost their homes and lives from the storm that ripped through here today.  We got hit by a sliver that broke off the east side of the storm system, it was bad, but nothing like what was happening at the center.  Here are a couple ways to help:

American Red Cross
Salvation Army

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