Upcoming Shows Promotion

Eyy we have a couple shows coming up – Two to be exact.  If you come to both, you get free stuff!  The shows are as follows:

07-11-2014 at Reggies Rock Club in Chicago

08-22-2014 at Double Door in Chicago

If you make it to both shows (registration will be available at our merch table), we’ll give you the free stuff at the second show.  You’ll have the choice of a CD or T-Shirt AND a lighter or a pin.  Free stuff and choices!

Please note that if you don’t register at the first show, we’ll get all confused and not know what to do when you go to the second show.  So register at the Reggies show, and when you show up at the Double Door show, we’ll have you on our list and give you stuff.

More info about the shows available in the Shows pages

Thanks for being awesome!