You’re awesome.

Every now and again we get into a bit of cumulative band malaise that makes us wonder why we do what we do.  And then there’s you.  You – our fans and friends – constantly offer us reminders of why we do what we do.  A handful of Ideamen were at the DFD show in Joliet.  We were quite surprised at the number of Ideamen shirts we saw there, and we only knew most of the people in them.  Thanks for representing, that means a lot to us. 

The interrelationship between DFD/Polkadot and Ideamen has been a wonderful bonus, as fans of both bands mix and overlap and share with each other.  Tim sold a lot of Ideamen CD’s while he was out on the road with DFD.  Thanks to all the folks that bought them, special thanks to Izzy Peter Frehley for your post on The Facebook about your initial response to Schemata.  Speaking of The Facebook – thanks to everyone for making a visit to our page a pleasant experience.  We feel Like liked.

So, in this brief moment of introspection – know that YOU are really the driving force behind Ideamen.  Your passion for Ideamen is greater than ours, is bigger than us, has grown into a life of it’s own and that big giant thing goads us on into continuing to do what we do.  You’ve turned us from a teensy local band into something of an institution (if we may be so bold).  You’ve taken us all over the country and shown us hospitality and good times all around.  Some of you even let us use your showers, beds, floors and kitchens.  All of you are awesome.  Thanks.