A wee update

Hello folks!  Ideamen has taken a little break while Tim is on the road with Dog Fashion Disco.  We’re working on a new album, there’s a handful of rough tracks – can’t wait to hide them from you until we can share them with you.  Tonight Tim has a Chicago area show with DFD, we’re going.

I guess I fixed the van just in time.  She started spilling coolant like a faucet last week, and I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  It was a little scary, it soooo looked like it was coming right out of the engine block.  Turned out to be the water pump.  I broke down and decided to do it myself, much to the chagrin of my battered and cut up hands.  It took removing the alternator, the AC compressor, and the bracket that holds them both on – just to SEE the water pump.

The IdeaVan apart
The engine with all kinds of stuff missing


The IdeaVan with new parts
New water pump and thermostat installed

It’s done now, and she doesn’t leak any more.  I’m going to Joliet to see DFD now.  See you there!