Not quite weekly news 04/19 – 05/10/2014

Weekly news my ar….  oh hi!.  Not a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks.  Not stuff you want to hear about at least.  But some stuff did happen (cueue flashback music)

Mark and Christine got a dog!  Her name is Gemma, and she’s adorable.  She was sort of rescued from the euthanasia farm – she’s got a messed up snout, one lung, and a bit of a coughing problem.  But she’s adorable.

We cleaned and reorganized the practice space.  It needed it pretty bad.  It’s much nicer now.

Phil Miller, Jacki and Dave stopped by James’ place in Chicago for Courtney’s birthday party.  Kelly and Stoof were there as well.  Our fans are friends with each other, we bring people together 😀

We particularly enjoyed the show at The 5th Quarter in Indianapolis IN on Saturday.  All the bands were great, the crowd was fun and plentiful, and there was face painting.  Thanks to all y’alls that made that happen.